About Us

When you choose to work with Target Constructors, this is an outline of what you can expect us to do for you.

Mitigate Risk.
On every project we help our clients mitigate risk. This means less anxiety for you as our customer, and it keeps us honest and competitive. We do this by: choosing reputable sub-contractors and suppliers for your specific project; following safety guidelines and keeping the job site organized; and keeping accurate records and complete documentation. To sum it up, it means managing the finest of details that come with a new project with the scrutiny and care they deserve.

Maximize Quality.
You want a building that is going to last and perform to your specifications. From the initial design phase to the completion of your project, we communicate directly with you. Understanding what you want is the first step in making sure that you get exactly what you need so we can make decisions about how best to build your project.

Honor Commitments.
This one seems simple, but it’s the biggest challenge that most other general contractors face. We have built a successful business over 25 years following this principle. We do what we say. We finish what we start. We complete our projects for the price promised and in the time frame promised. Nothing more, nothing less.

Accept Responsibility.
As your general contractor, we are ultimately responsible for everything that happens. So if something doesn’t go as planned, we will fix it, plain and simple. We will work with our sub-contractors, suppliers, architects, and insurance companies - but as far as our clients are concerned, the buck stops here.

Be at Team Player.
On all of our jobs, we work as part of a team: fellow employees, the architect, engineers, and, of course, our clients. Since we all have the ability to influence the project at hand, we find it is extremely important to look out for everyone on our team and communicate often.

Polished Image.
Working with raw materials on a project doesn’t give us an excuse to be messy. Our team members dress appropriately to the setting, and job sites are kept clean and organized. Not only does a polished image make us more professional - it also ensures a safer job site.

Commitment to Service.
While we focus on building quality projects for our clients, how we do it is equally as important. If you have a concern or question, talk with us about it. We promise to listen and take care of it with a smile.